Mandy's Spring Farm Nursery Inc. lies nestled in a valley just outside of Granville, New York.  Granville, located between Lake George, New York and historic Manchester, Vermont boasts of being the colored slate capital of the world.  The fertile loam/clay soils and plentiful water has helped generations of our family grow bountiful crops.

Mandy's Spring Farm was founded in 1939 by Bill and Gertrude Smith.  Our patriarch named the farm after a spring that is located on the property and was once owned by one, Mandy Chittenbaum.  To the locals, this spring was "Mandy's" and they visited there often to fill their water jugs with its clear, cold water.

At Mandy's Spring Farm Nursery we take pride in our work and our plants.  Our customers are happy because we give them professional service, grow and purchase only the highest quality plant material and provide them with information needed to make informed decisions.

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Our Family and Mandy's Spring
If you have questions regarding the best care for your plants, don't hesitate to contact us.  Someone is here to help you find the right plant, take care of the ones you have and help you with new and creative ways of designing your outdoor living spaces. 

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