Bare Root FAQs

How mature are the bare root trees/how soon can I expect them to bear fruit?

The bare root fruit trees are roughly 3 years old. They will bear fruit on the first year, but it is best to pick off these fruits before they develop for the first 2 years or so. This focuses the tree's energy on strengthening its branches and root system so that it can bear fruit on healthy branches in the future. It is also critical to prune your fruit tree as it grows. A few strong branches are better than a lot of weak branches for fruit-bearing trees. Our pruning guide can be found here:


What are some drought-tolerant fruit trees? 

There really aren't any fruit trees that are drought-tolerant. We recommend watering your fruit trees/shrubs at during the dry July/August months when they are growing fruit. A soaker hose is a great option for watering trees.


Do you have self-pollinating fruit trees?

We do carry a handful of self-pollinating fruit trees, but any self-fertile plant will produce more fruit if it has the ability to cross-pollinate with another plant. The product descriptions online are detailed and will specify if a tree is self-pollinating or not.


Do you offer landscape installation or landscaping services?

We have a landscaping division here that can install your plants for you. When you place your order online, you can select "delivery" as an option when checking out. This is the baseline cost for one of our trucks to deliver plants. When we get the plants in during the early spring, we will give you a call and a quote for installation by our team. Installation includes labor, equipment, and plenty of mulch and compost to get the trees established.


What are your top picks for shade trees?

You can view a list of our top picks for shade and flowering trees here. Note that not all of these are available through the bare root pre-order sale.


What is the best tree/shrub to plant for wet areas?


Check out our list