Planting Guide for Container and Balled & Burlapped Plants


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Container & Balled & Burlapped Plants:

Download this Planting Guide Here.

Step 1: Gather Your Planting Supplies

Bring a breathable tarp when you pickup your plants, all foliage  requires covering in transit to avoid burning.

Minimum Tools & Supplies for planting: Shovel, pickaxe, pruners, wheelbarrow, compost, fertilizer, mulch, tree stakes and water.

Step 2: Dig Your Planting Pit

Dig the planting hole a few inches deeper & 12 inches wider than the root ball or container.  Please err on the shallow side!

Step 3: Mulch For Moisture, Fertilize For Growth

Remove container and score circling roots, Do Not remove wire basket or burlap. Place plant in pit at correct elevation.  Take great care to be sure that the top of the roots are located slightly above existing grade.  Cut off twine & excess burlap on top for water penetration. Amend backfill soil with compost  to 30% compost, 70% native soil.  Pack soil around root ball very firmly, leaving no air spaces.

Step 4: Stake Your Trees Appropriately

Once you are sure tree is securely planted at the correct elevation, evaluate the appropriate level of staking that will be required. Factors such as  amount of wind, looseness of soil, height of tree, firmness of root ball, should all be considered when staking your tree.Three point staking is good for evergreens and larger trees, whereas a single stake situated near the trunk will be fine for smaller plants.  Use some  masking tape or used women's nylons to secure a smaller tree to the stake.

Step 5: Healthy Water & Fertilized Regularly

Be sure to care for your plants everyday for the first year.  

Place 3-4”of mulch to hold in moisture. Fertilize twice each spring, 6 weeks apart- first when you begin spring cleaning & pruning.

Insects and Diseases generally attack plants that are under stress. Proper fertilizing and watering  will prevent most attacks.

You can download this Planting Guide Here.