Bare Root Planting Guide


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Bare Root Plants:

Download this planting guide here.

Step 1: Transport Plants Properly

Bare root plants are easy to transport and plant.  Please bring  blankets and we will help you bundle the roots and wrap them up for transport.  We also recommend using mulch to cover the roots while transporting in your truck or trailer.  We carry several types of mulch and compost suitable for this purpose.

Please- Roots must not dry-out or they will die!

Step 2: Amend the Soil & Plant

A good compost is highly recommended to amend your soil at the planting location. We recommend Moo Plant™ compost; 10 lbs per shrub, and  30-40 lbs per tree, depending on the tree size.  Be careful not to plant too deep; roots like to be spread out on the surface so they can breath.  Note: Please don’t bury the graft union on fruit trees!   Plant bare-root plants as soon as possible.

Step 3: Fertilize

Fertilize the soil around the roots. We recommend mycorrhizae and Plant & Tree Tone™  fertilizers because they are excellent non-burning organic plant foods.

Step 4: Stake Your Tree

Staking is essential for most bare root trees. Staking stops the new hair roots from breaking & allows the tree to establish roots faster. Typically, one 1”x 6’stake tied close to trunk is recommended.

Step 5: Mulch

Mulch your new plants generously. Place mulch 3-4”deep to help hold moisture in and to keep weeds away from plant base. We recommend trunk
tree guards the first few winters.

Step 6: Water

Water as needed to keep the soil moist. Please contact us if no signs of plant life appear before 2 weeks have passed after order pick up! This will insure credit & replacement. Some plants may require sweating to push buds, please see store staff for more information.