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Plant for Perfume

Year-round fragrance package

This package includes a varied selection of fragrant flowering plants to grace your border or garden for all-season blooms.

Plant for Perfume packages start at $169


Shade Your Space

Large shade tree package

Package includes delivery of three full-sized shade or ornamental trees. Package includes design, layout design, and consultation. Delivery within 25 miles of Mandy Spring Farm Nursery.

Shade Your Space packages start at $549


Claim Your Space

Privacy Screening Package

Includes three 6-8' evergreen hedge plants, one ornamental tree, and three flowering screening plants.

Claim Your Space packages start at $495


Rock Your Entrance!

Entrance planting package with stone

Create your own distinctive front walkway or entrance. Our designer will start with a base package of perfectly suited plants and customize it just for you. Includes stone elements for a classic look!

Rock Your Entrance packages start at $349


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