Frequently Asked Questions

What is B&B? 

B&B refers to balled and burlapped with a root ball, and are field-grown and dug.

How are your products sold?

For our Spring pre-orders, we sell bare root products that are landscape-size plants that are ready to bear and perform the first year that you plant them. The Bare Root plants can also be purchased as older, mature plants in container or field-dug sizes.

How big are my bare root fruit trees?

They are 5' to 6' tall and branched.

Do you install plants and trees?

Yes, we install plants and trees for a fee-per plant or tree. You can check out with our installation services by selecting "with installation" on each product page.

When is the best time to plant? 

In our zone, it is best to plant May through November.

What zone am I? 

Zone 3 - 4.

Can I plant in the Summer? 

If you have a good water source or moist soil to plant into, you can plant in the summer.

How often should I water? 

Depending on your soil types, you should water every couple of days. The soil must remain moist. You should check your plants daily. Soaking the ground around the plant is best -- never apply water to the foliage.

Is fall a good time to plant?

Yes, fall is a great time to plant because the roots continue to grow through the winter until the ground freezes.

When is the best time to prune? 

Clean the old flowers off in the fall, and prune in the early spring. Or, if it's a lilac, you can prune in the Spring after they bloom.

When is the best time to fertilize? 

The best time to fertilize is first thing in the spring, and six weeks later to continue the plant growth. 

When do plants go dormant? 

They start going dormant after the first frost.

Why are my leaves curling?

You need to seek professional assistance -- it could be too much or too little water, a virus, inspect damage, or another cause.

Why are my leaves yellow?

Yellow leaves can be caused by root shock, too much water, or not enough nutrition.

When can I plant my annuals outdoors? 

Normally, it's safe around Memorial Day (or when it's 50 degrees outside at night) it is generally safe to plant annuals outside.

Do you sell deer-deterrent plants?

Some of our deer-deterrent plants include spruce, spiraea, potentila, boxwoods. For a complete list, please contact us.

Do you sell fruit-bearing plants?

Yes, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries... and, berries for the birds including viburnums, holly berries, chokeberries...

Do you sell indoor plants?

Yes, we sell indoor plants as well as outdoor plants.

Do you sell privacy-screening trees?

Yes, we sell various evergreen screening trees including spruce, hemlock, cedar/ arborvitae, white pine. Shade trees and big lilacs can also make good screening trees.


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