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Aloe Vera Plant

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Aloe Vera

Light - Keep your aloe plant in a spot with bright, indirect light. Aloe can get sunburned if it's put in too much light suddenly. If your aloe plant does get sunburnt, it will have a white or light brown discoloration against the green leaves. Once burnt, the leaves will stay that color.

Water - Aloe is used to extremely hot and dry climates. That means that the plant is prone to overwatering. Rather than stick to a weekly schedule, check the soil's water level before giving your plant another drink. Place your finger or a wooden skewer in the soil about an inch or two down; if you're still sensing some moisture, wait a few more days before watering. You want to let the soil dry out completely first.

Also, Note - Aloe is also sensitive to drastic fluctuations in temperature. Keep the plant away from drafty doors or vents, especially in the winter. This also means that you shouldn't place your plant in the direct path of your air-conditioning or heat vents.