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Baby Blue Spruce | Picea pungens 'Baby Blue'

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Semi-dwarf evergreen. If you love the Colorado Blue Spruce, but don’t have the room, the Baby Blue is just what you are looking for. This dwarf blue spruce tree stays under 25 feet. It makes a nice colorful privacy screen or group planting. It looks amazing as a focal or specimen tree too. This stunning evergreen tree looks beautiful in any landscape. The Baby Blue Spruce tree adds cool color and phenomenal texture.

Just like its parent tree, the Baby Blue Spruce is a hardy and sturdy tree. It can tolerate extreme cold, high winds, heavy snow, salt, and drought. It is also pest, disease, and deer resistant. You will love how easy it is to care for this spruce tree. Once established it doesn’t require any maintenance.

Mature Height: 15-20' tall

Mature Spread: 10-15'

Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Sun

Growth Rate: Slow / 'Baby Blue' Spruce grows 8-10ft tall in 10 years.

Zone Hardiness: 3-7