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Clematis Edda™ | Clematis

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Ideal for the small garden balcony, deck garden or patio when grown in the garden or in a container. However, it is stunning when used and grown by itself or with other annuals in a hanging basket. As its first flowers are blooming, it is already producing trailing stems that hang down with even more flowers.

Looks outstanding with grey foliaged plants.

Prune all stems down to 6" (15cm) late winter/early Spring. If grown in a hanging basket it can be pruned down to 6" (15cm) in mid summer to rebloom in early autumn.

  • Blooms late spring to late summer
  • Grows well in both sun or shade
  • Direct sun can fade the flowers over time
  • In the Boulevard® Collection from Raymond Evison
  • Compact habit
  • Beautiful purple blooms
  • Great for balcony, small garden, or container
  • Great alone or in hanging baskets
  • Category: Perennial
  • Breeder: Raymond Evison Clematis
  • Hardiness Zone:4-9
  • Height:3-4 Feet
  • Spread:2-3 Feet
  • Bloom Color: Purple Shades
  • Petals : 6-10