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Felco #904 Sharpening Tool

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  • The FELCO 904 is a robustly efficient professional sharpener that provides the ultimate lightweight convenience in your pocket
  • With a tough no nonsense exterior - from the forged aluminium handle, across the smooth sweep of its wide sharpening section of tungsten carbide, to its U profile - the FELCO 904 coolly exudes efficiency
  • Sharpening of pruning shears, clippers and large kitchen knives requires the minimum effort, whether your grip is left or right-handed
  • For those who might take a while to gauge what their minimum effort is, the thumb guard offers maximum protection for the safest operation
  • The lower part of the handle ends in a bottle opener and a fastening ring, which add to the carrying convenience if your preference is a cord or chain
  • With no need for water or oil, both you and your cutting tools will find the experience fast and accurate
  • Lightweight, ergonomic sharpening tool with handle in forged aluminium.
  • Wide sharpening part in tungsten carbide and a U profile
  • Easy-to-grip shape
  • Compact to hold with length of 135mm
  • Bottle opener
  • Fastening ring
  • Forged aluminium handle with lifetime warranty
  • Made in Switzerland