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Red Fountain Fernleaf Bleeding Heart | Dicentra

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Rich blue-green fern-like foliage with dark red hearts with white accents.

The various selections of Fern-leaf Bleedingheart are valued for their compact habit and long season of bloom. This recent introduction forms a vigorous mound of powdery blue-grey leaves, topped by clusters of heart-shaped flowers in a glowing cherry-red shade. Excellent for edging, and very useful for mixed containers and tubs. Removing faded flowers regularly will promote lots of new buds to form. In cool summer regions plants may tolerate direct sun. Continued blooming may stop in hot summer regions.

Bloom Time:

Blooms summer, Blooms early spring

Mature Height:

10-12 Inches

Hardiness Zone:



Partial Sun, Partial Shade

Deer resistant 

Attracts Butterflies