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The Garden Weasel 95204 WeedPopper Step & Twist ergonomic design makes it the perfect tool to remove weeds without the use of chemicals while also maintaining comfortability and reduce bending. The ejecting feature makes removing weeds easier than ever! Simply push the times onto the weed, press down with your foot, twist the handle, and extract the weeds instantly. Once extracted, disposing the weeds is simple. Just push on the thumb release to pop the weed plug from the tines for a neat cleanup. The Weasel WeedPopper is made with durable carbon steel making it rust resistant and is backed by its lifetime warranty for years of use. This tool comes fully assembled, weighs less than 3 pounds, and is 38 inches long. We are so confident in our durability that the Weasel Weed-Popper is backed by a lifetime warranty.