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Summer Sparkles® Baby's Breath | Gypsophila

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Baby’s Breath has come a long way over the years, with breeders improving their habit, bloom time, and longevity in the garden.  SUMMER SPARKLES® sets a new standard in taller Gypsophilas.  Unlike most which are quite open in habit and go dormant in late summer, this new variety has a much more compact, refined looking form and looks great in the garden all season. 

It forms a uniform, very densely branched, rounded clump of grey-green foliage that becomes completely covered in flowers from late spring through midsummer.  The white flowers are small, semi-double, and slightly fragrant.  They are borne prolifically on all sides of the plant.  Deadheading the first round of flowers will encourage the plant to rebloom. 

SUMMER SPARKLES® fits well into the middle of the flower border and also looks great in containers where it typically stays shorter.   

Baby's Breath has long been valued as a filler plant in perennial border gardens and also as a long-lasting cut flower. Its broad habit makes this plant the perfect cover up for dying bulb foliage or for perennials, such as poppies or bleeding hearts, that go dormant in summer. Baby's Breath also makes an excellent dried flower.


23.0-27.0 Inches


30.0-40.0 Inches

Hardiness Zones:



Full Sun (> 6 hrs. Direct Sun)

Bloom time:

Late Spring, Early Summer, Midsummer

Attracts Wings:

Attracts Butterflies

Critter Resistant:

Deer Resistant