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Miyama™ Gold Prinz Rhododendron | Rhododendron yakushimanum 'Goldschatz'

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Rhododendrons in yellow shades are not very common in home gardens, but they make a great contrast to the pinks and reds of spring. Gold Prinz is a beautiful shade of buttery yellow with spots of maroon inside the flowers and would make for a stunning display mixed with deep pink Azaleas, maroon red Tulips and apple blossom pink Hellebores. 

Gold Prinz is a smaller growing Rhododendron that is much wider than tall. This shrub would make for a lovely low growing informal hedge or grouped with other Rhododendrons in a shady woodland garden bed. The prolific trusses of flowers last for weeks in June. Beneficial pollinators are magically attracted to the bell shaped flowers, which are also great for cut flowers, lasting for many days in a vase. The evergreen foliage is also a great addition to a flower arrangement any time of the year.

Mature Height: 2.5-3 feet

Mature Width: 3-3.5 feet

Exposure: Part Sun

Bloom Time: Spring

Zone Hardiness: 5-9