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Poolscaping - Catriona Tudor Erler

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Poolscaping - Gardening and Landscaping Around Your Swimming Pool and Spa by Catriona Tudor Erler 


Imagine transforming swimming pool area of your backyard into Tuscan paradise, with a broad terrace of terra-cotta tiles and beautiful clay pots spilling with flowering plants. Or maybe you’d prefer “zero-entry”pool that let’s you wade into the water as if you were waxing into the surf at the beach.

Poolscaping is a one-of-a-kind hand bookwork that overflows with inspiring ideas and practical advice on how to landscape around your swimming pool and create your own private resort. For instance, why settle for spotlights when you could install fiber-optic lighting around the pool? If everybody else on the block has a diving board, why not install a waterfall? And admit it - you‘d really like a spa next to your pool.

Poolscaping shows you how you can design and build a luxurious paradise this is all your needs right in your own backyard.”