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Soil Moist Granules

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Soil Moist Granules is an effective water management aid that reduces plant waterings by half, helping to save money, time, and labor. It is a synthetic, acrylic polymer with a potassium salt base that's guaranteed to be safe and non-toxic. Soil Moist helps lessen transplanting shock and plant stress because it absorbs and releases water in soil when necessary. It will maintain vigorous plants, encourages deep root penetration, and reduces soil compaction. It will last for several seasons, around 3 to 5 years in the soil, making it very cost-effective. It is ideal to use with indoor and outdoor plantings such as flower beds, trees, shrubs, baskets, containers, vegetables and turf-grass. Great for DIY Lawn & Garden.

  • Soil Moist granules are the eco-safe, water storing polymers that you simply place in soil then water
  • Designed to reduce plant watering by 50%
  • Last 3 to 5 year in the soil
  • Very convenient and easy to use
  • Ideal for indoor plants, gardens, and outdoor use