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Trees For The Small Garden - Simon Toomer

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Trees For the Small Garden by Simon Toomer

”Different trees suit different people and different garden situation, but how can you find your way through the many species to choose the one that is right for you? This practical and beautifully photographed book guides you through the process with useful facts and information for selecting the tree that will bring beauty and pleasure to the garden for years to come. Each tree has been chosen with the small garden in mind; none of these specimens will ggrow to dwarf the confined spaces of the average garden. 

The book begins with crucial information on selection, planting and care. The A-to-Z directory of trees suggests some of the best trees available, from popular choices to more unusual varieties. Each entry covers climate zone, soil conditions, and growth rates, with lavish photographs of fruit, flowers, bark and other features. An at a glance section allows you  quickly and confidently to compare and locate the tree with the desired characteristics, from species that produce beautiful blooms to those with spectacular displays of color in the fall.

Whether you have a well-established garden, or are just getting started, Trees for the Small Garden is an invaluable source of guidance and inspiration.”