All About Our Bare Root Trees & Shrubs

All About Our Bare Root Trees & Shrubs

Our bare root trees & shrubs are up to 40% off retail prices and are large, mature, and ready for your garden.

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Bare Root Trees

Molly standing next to our bare root trees. We mulch the trees to keep the roots moist and to encourage strong root growth so that they are ready for your yard.

Our bare root fruit trees and bushes will produce the first year. 

Our bare root plants are an average of 2-4 years old, meaning that they will produce flowers, fruits, or a wonderful shade canopy the first year.



When we order bare root trees, we always opt for the fully branched trees. Many other sellers of bare root trees opt for whips, but our trees come mature and ready for your landscape. 


Specialty trees also come fully branched and ready for your garden.

bare root trees

Flowering trees like hydrangea trees and lilac trees have a round, robust head on them for symmetrical and beautiful blooms the first year they're planted.

bare root flowering trees


Not just trees--we also have bare root shrubs and bushes! Fruit bushes will produce the first year, and flowering and deciduous bushes are ready to beautify your landscape. We always opt for the top grade for each category. 

bare root shrub

bare root bush

bare root shrub


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Images courtesy of Baileys Nurseries