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'Baby Tears' - Soleirolia soleirolii

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'Baby Tears' - Soleirolia soleirolii

Light - Baby's tears plants dislike intense direct sunlight, which may scorch leaves. They look their best in bright, filtered light. Baby tears plants can thrive under  artificial lights indoors. 

Water - Baby's tears plants are thirsty plants that never like to dry out. If you allow your plants to dry out, you'll notice a dramatic wilting. Water as soon as you notice wilting, and within a day, they should recover. Baby's tears houseplants will require slightly less water in the winter months. It's fine for the soil's surface to be dry, but the soil around the roots should be moist. However, do not let the roots sit in water, which can promote root rot. Make sure the soil stays moist but drains well.

Decorative hanging planter sold separately