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Summer Sun False Sunflower | Heliopsis helianthoides

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Clump forming, dark green foliage with sunny semi-double blooms around golden orange cones.

False Sunflowers are native from Ontario to Florida and the Mississippi. They are care-free and reliable for their very long season of bloom. Plants form a tall, bushy clump of dark green leaves, bearing branching heads of large, semi-double, golden-yellow daisy flowers with a brown centre, from early summer to early fall. Outstanding cut flower. Removing faded flowers regularly will greatly extend the blooming season. May require staking, particularly when grown in very rich garden soil or too much shade. Easily divided in early spring. Easy and always rewarding. Don't allow to dry out. Attractive to butterflies.

Bloom Time:

Blooms summer to fall

Mature Height:

35-47 Inches

Hardiness Zone:



Full Sun, Partial Shade

Deer resistant 

Attracts Butterflies 

Attracts Hummingbirds