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'Karl Rosenfield' Peony

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A brilliant, semi-double flowered Peony with crimson petals, 'Karl Rosenfield' makes just the kind of old-school statement that has made gardeners love Peonies for generations. 'Karl Rosenfield' just turned 100 years old and is still a hot variety that continues to enjoy unprecedented popularity. And why not with its signature late-May to late-June bloom atop strong stems and its classic colored petals surrounding a golden bomb of stamens? 'Karl Rosenfield' is one of the lowest maintenance perennials around...just plant in full sun and you are promised years and years of large, delightful flowers that butterflies adore and deer don't have a taste for. All Peonies love moist, well drained soil and transplant poorly once established in a location. This is by far our most popular selling selection. (Rosenfield, 1908)

Hardiness Zone: 3-8