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Easy Gardener Plant Protection Blanket

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Protects tender plants and flowers .

Use : Spring and Fall when the temperatures are cold ( Freezing ) , this can help the tender plants or the flowers have a longer growing period .

How to use : 

" Loosely lay the plant protecting blanket over the plant or plants that are to be protected . Make sure that no areas are Exposed . Fold the blanket over along each edge to create a seam( secure using Easy Gardener Fabric Pegs. ).

Support hoops can be made from stiff galvanized wire. Position and Push them into the soil. Place the blanket over the hoops and secure along the length of the hoops and at the ends with Gardener Fabric Pegs . 

If the plants require pollination , remove the Protecting Blanket after 4-6 weeks or if the temperature reaches 85 F. "