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American Chestnut (Chinese Hybrid) | Castanea dentata x mollissima 'Dunstan'

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The Hybrid American Chestnut tree has changed the lives of American chestnut growers for the better! With good quality nuts and high blight resistance, this is a top choice for nut growers all over the USA.

Bright green foliage lines the branches of this fast-growing nut tree. It has an upright growing habit with a canopy that produces tons of shade. Castanea dentata x mollissima is a deciduous tree. The blight-resistant American chestnut leaves drop over winter.

In the spring, white flowers will form that eventually mature into large brown nuts. The hybrid American chestnut tree can start blooming from April through June and will drop nuts in the fall months of September and October.

Chestnut trees need cross pollination from a second tree to produce a good crop of nuts.

Mature Height: 40-60' 

Mature Spread: 30-40'

Exposure: Full Sun

Growth Rate: Fast (4-7 foot per year in the right conditions)

Zone Hardiness: 5-9