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Balsam Fir | Abies balsamea

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The balsam fir is a native evergreen well-adapted to the cold climates of the northern United States and Canada. Its symmetrical spire-like crown, shining dark green color, and spicy fragrance have made it a favorite Christmas tree for hundreds of years. The branches are also popular in holiday wreaths and other greenery.

In the landscape, this fir is used as a specimen as well as part of a screen or windbreak.

Hardiness Zones 3–5.
Tree Type: Evergreen
Mature Size: 45–75' height and a spread of 20–25' at maturity.
Growth Rate: This tree grows at a slow rate, with height increases of less than 12" per year.
Sun Preference: Full Sun
Soil Preference: Moist, cool, well-drained, acidic soil but will tolerate some salt.