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Berry White Hydrangea | Hydrangea paniculata

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This long-awaited introduction is a step forward in paniculata breeding. With strong, upright stems and large cone-shaped flower panicles that stay upright, this plant is a summer stunner. Like the other paniculatas from Mr. Renault at Pépinières Renault, the flower color starts out white in July then progresses to dark pink. Coloring occurs from the bottom and progresses to the top of the panicle. Berry White® blooms a little later than Strawberry Sundae® and about the same time as Vanilla Strawberry™. Color shades can vary according to location, climate and type of soil. Our growers like this plant, and we think you will, too. (CPBR 6046), ®CA

Height: 6-7'
Spread: 4-5'
Shape: Upright
Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade
Foliage: Medium Green
Fall Foliage: Insiginificant
Zone: 3-8