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Chinese Kousa Dogwood Tree | Cornus kousa ssp. chinensis

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A beautiful flowering tree with multi-season interest. Chinese Dogwood can be distinguished from the species by the slightly larger flower bracts, fruit, and leaves. Each spring yellowish-green true flowers are surrounded by four, pointed white bracts. Red raspberry-like edible fruits. Dark green leaves turn reddish-purple to scarlet in the fall. An upright habit with horizontal branching that eventually matures into a rounded form. Mottled tan and gray bark exfoliates as the tree matures. Performs best in rich acid to neutral well-drained soil with consistent moisture during hot summers. Plant as a specimen or in small groupings for a dramatic effect.

Height: 15-30'

Spread: 15-30'

Shape: Upright rounded

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

Foliage: Dark green

Fall Foliage: Reddish-purple to scarlet

Zone: 5-8