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Cool Splash Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle | Diervilla sessilifolia

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Cool Splash®, the first variegated Diervilla, has bright white leaf margins that remain bright and clean until the first frost. Bunches of yellow blossoms adorn the plant in June and July. Easy to grow in a variety of soils as long as the soil is not bone dry. Cool Splash® is a densely branched shrub that forms underground suckers, developing colonies over time. Use in lightly shaded areas or mass plantings in full sun for a spectacular effect. Found by Peter Podaras.

Height: 2.5-4.5'
Spread: 2.5-4.5'
Shape: Compact, mounded
Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade
Foliage: Variegated, white and green
Fall Foliage: Insignificant
Zone: 4-7