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All Natural Deer Repellent - I Must Garden

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Repels deer from eating plants naturally. Pet and people friendly. It's what we use in our nursery fields!

  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS – For over 15 years, I Must Garden has been the preferred brand of professional gardeners for use in public gardens and resorts. Trusted for its reliability, durability, and pleasant spice scent
  • NATURALLY STRONGER – Combines natural ingredients that make plants inedible to deer AND powerful botanical oils that are highly irritating to their sense of smell. Contains triple the number of active ingredients than other repellents for ultimate plant protection
  • SAFE FOR PLANTS, PETS & POLLINATORS – Contains NO toxic chemicals. Protects Perennials (hostas, daylilies, roses, tulips, oriental lilies), Annuals (pansies, impatiens), Shrubs (roses, azaleas, rhododendron, hawthorn), Vegetables and more
  • FORMULATED TO LAST LONGER – Contains strong natural sticking agents that make the repellent adhere to the leaves of your plant. Provides long-lasting protection – does not need to be re-applied after average rainfall
  • BETTER VALUE & LONGER SHELF LIFE – Unlike other concentrates that must be used within a day after mixing, I Must Garden Repellents can be mixed and stored for future use. Mixes easily without clumping or clogging. Makes 10 Gallons, Covers 40,000 sq. ft.