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The Rocket Golden Ray | Ligularia stenocephala

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Small bright yellow daisies rocket up tall stems on this plant with green, deeply cut leaves.

Sometimes called Elephant Ears, this is a bold specimen perennial that needs a moist location. Plants form a clump of large, jagged-edged green leaves. Purplish black stems rise above in summer, bearing long spikes of bright-yellow daisy flowers. Superb for the back of the border, or at the waterside. An unusual centerpiece for a tub or large container. Both the flowers and leaves are great for cutting. Slugs can be troublesome. Clumps may be divided in the spring, every 3 to 4 years.

Bloom Time:

Blooms mid to late summer

Mature Height:

47-70 Inches

Hardiness Zone:



Partial Sun, Full Shade

Deer resistant 

Attracts Butterflies