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'Kaleidoscope' Mountain Laurel | Kalmia Latifolia

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Native cultivar. The red blooms of Kaleidoscope Mountain Laurel are the perfect transition between the late spring blooming bulbs and the summer blooming perennials. The broadleaf evergreen leaves provide a dramatic backdrop for the deep red blooms as well as year round interest in the shadier garden. Mountain Laurel is native to North America and likes shadier spots better than  other broadleaf evergreens, but will also tolerate sun. 

Maintenance is minimal with this native shrub. The nectar of Mountain Laurel attracts many different beneficial pollinators. Berries will form after pollination, but they are not very significant. Please be aware that all parts of this shrub are poisonous to pets and people. Kalmia ‘Kaleidoscope’ should be planted where it is not easily accessible by pets or children.

Mature Height: 8-10 feet

Mature Width: 8-10 feet

Exposure: Full Shade to Full Sun (prefers shade)

Bloom Time: Broad-Leaf Evergreen w/ red flower blooms in May through June

Zone Hardiness: 5-8