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Little Moses Burning Bush | Euonymus alatus 'Odom'

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The Little Moses Burning Bush is a miniature version of the original winged euonymus, which is often simply referred to as burning bushes. It was cultivated in 2002 with the hope that it would have a denser, more compact form.

Little Moses keeps all the bright red fall brilliance of the original while staying quite small and extremely manageable!

This bush will produce little berries later in the season. While they aren't edible to humans, the pretty neighborhood birds will stop by to enjoy. If you're interested in adding birdwatching to your list of hobbies, planting a Little Moses Burning Bush is a great place to start!

Height: 30-36'
Spread: 30-36'
Shape: Rounded
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Green
Fall Foliage: Brilliant scarlet
Zone: 4-8