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Prides Corner Farms, Inc

'Midnight Ruby' Rhododendron

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Think small, dense, and powerful when you see this incredible Weston Nursery introduction because it is a compact powerhouse of a plant for the landscape. Hundreds of buds crowd the branch terminals of this plant and open in early May to reveal deep reddish-purple flowers with wavy edges and a yellowish eye that cover the plant. Foliage on this plant is a coppery green color that deepens to an almost blackish brown color for fall and winter. It's a great, little-known plant for small landscape spots!

  • Small, dense and compact form
  • Buds open in May
  • Reddish-purple flowers with yellow eye
  • Coppery green foliage deepens to blackish brown for fall and winter
  • Hardiness Zone:4-8
  • Height:2-3 ft
  • Spread:2-3 ft
  • Bloom Color: Purple Shades