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'Peach Sorbet' Blueberry | Vaccinium x Peach Sorbet

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Get ready for this easy-to-grow Blueberry that is as beautiful as it is productive. You'll love its landscape presence with its great foliage color as new leaves flush a distinct peachy orange color before turning dusky blue-green as they mature. Heavy blooming in May with masses of fragrant, bell-shaped flowers, Peach Sorbet produces tons of large, tasty Blueberries in late July and August. If that wasn't enough to make you love it, Peach Sorbet® finishes the season with a blast of fall foliage color that will have you groping for the right adjective to describe it beauty. Plant in full sun and enjoy the Blueberry fireworks year after year!

  • Great foliage in spring and fall
  • Beautiful and productive plant
  • Medium-sized berries
  • Compact global form
  • Great for large containers
  • Heavy bloom of fragrant, bell-shaped flowers in May
  • Hardiness Zone:5-8
  • Height:2-2 ft
  • Spread:1-2 ft