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Violet Pinwheels Creeping Phlox | Phlox 'Violet Pinwheels'

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This groundcover Phlox is a hybrid that behaves similarly to Phlox subulata, but with a more intense, fantastic flower color than you would expect from the classic varieties. Violet purple flowers nearly glow with intensity when it is in bloom. Compared to ‘Purple Beauty’ (P. subulata), the flowers are slightly smaller, but a richer, more intense shade of purple. The notched, upturned petals look like tiny pinwheels, especially with movement from the wind.

4.0-5.0 Inches

24.0-36.0 Inches

Hardiness Zones:

Flower Color:
Purple-blue shades

Foliage Color:
Green shades

Full Sun (> 6 hrs. Direct Sun)