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'Blood Brothers' Switch Grass | Panicum virgatum 'Blood Brothers'

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All perennial plugs are healthy 1 year old plants, planted in trays. There is soil around the roots, but we recommend bringing a container for ease of transportation. As with bare root plants, we recommend transplanting plugs immediately.

New for 2024. Upright, slightly vase-shaped mounds of green-blue leaves with tips developing dramatic wine purple tones by midsummer. Sprays of small reddish flowers develop into tan seedheads by late fall. 

  •  Dramatic coloration
  •  Upright, vase-shaped mounds
  •  Small red flowers in fall

Height: 3-4 Feet

Zone: 4-9

Sunlight: Full Sun (> 6 hrs. Direct Sun)

Bloom Time: Late Summer-Early Fall