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Turtlehead | Chelone obliqua 'Rosea'

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Turtlehead is an excellent, sturdy, vertical perennial with rounded stems, medium texture and deep-green, boldly veined leaves on short stalks.

Turtleheads are native wildflowers that adapt beautifully to garden conditions. In this species, plants form an upright, bushy mound of green foliage, bearing upright stems of large bright-pink hooded flowers beginning in late summer. Best in a moist or wet site, this also adapts well to average border conditions. Terrific at the waterside. Excellent for cutting. Showy and long lived. Attractive to butterflies. Plants are easily divided in spring.

Bloom Time:

Blooms late summer to fall

Mature Height:

23-35 Inches

Hardiness Zone:



Partial Shade

Deer Resistant 

Attracts Butterflies